Welcome to the Wild World of Work!

The world of work is changing: it’s getting a little wild out there.

Intelligent technologies like AI and robotics are in all of our hands, now, but as always our choices shape what happens next. To be more helpful, I’m focusing my writing, updates, conversations, and news on this topic in this one place - posting every couple of weeks. Delighted you’re here.

I study work involving intelligent technologies for a living, and I’ve been obsessed with work, skill development, and technology my entire career. I’m research faculty in the Technology Management department at UC Santa Barbara, and got my PhD at MIT’s Sloan School of Management - see my LinkedIn profile for more about me.

My Ted talk is another good way to get up to speed quickly.

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Investigating the wild world of work, learning, and intelligent technologies - through research and responsible thinking.


Studying work involving intelligent machines - aka robots and AI. @MITSloan PhD, @Ucsb Asst Prof, @Stanford and @MIT Digital Fellow, @Tedtalks @Thinkers50